Back in Milan!

I love it here, love the people, the city and of course the food. My favorite places for now are Trattoria Della Pesa and Torre di Pisa. amazing local food, unpretentious and superb quality. Then the Duomo!

The great thing about this SISAL script was the challenge to make this ‘new’ sport look and feel very real in todays world. Nothing futuristic about it, simply its a sport that doesn’t exist. It’s that fine line of should it be futuristic or not…….I think it would be too cheesy and fall into the cliché of the 70’s and 80’s movie greats like Rollerball, we didn’t want that. So, we decided that it should be a fictitious today. Real location, real characters and a sport that could exist. Sounds easy enough but the challenge was the budget, as usual.

An excellent team, Giorgio who artfully took care of the politics, Giulia and her team, Alessia, Stefano, Francesco to name but a few did an incredible job of making the shoot effortless. It was a two day shoot that should really have been a three day one. And what to say about Claudio Cingoli………an excellent AD who was once an MTV presenter, a punk rock singer (still is) and with a voice that sticks with you for a while! Apart from a good AD he’s a great guy too.

We shot this in Montichiari. Why? because of the need to film this story in a velodrome. Its a town about an hour and a half out of Milan, amazing food too by the way!

Last but certainly not least.

Ian Foster DOP. what an interesting career he’s had. he’s done loads of movies that we’ve all seen and is an excellent director of photography and cameraman. He did a brilliant job in creating the right mood for the game and made my job a lot easier too. I look forward to posting more blogs with his work.

For those of you who know Claudio Cingoli this won’t come as a surprise at all!

Anyway, here are some pics of the shoot, and here’s the spot.